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Cambox Isi3

And we reinvented the helmet cam!

Cambox Isi3

Even thinner and still light, the new Cambox Isi3 has become connected to offer you a real new experience to capture and share your finest achievements!

Security, Positioning & Discretion!

The new model has the same characteristics that made the success of the Isi2; almost invisible, ideally positioned just above your eyes and perfectly integrated with your helmet, the Cambox Isi3 offers you always more but always in a compact format!

Ultra thin & Full HD

30% thinner than the Isi2, with a full HD video quality, the Cambox Isi3 will put your eyes on it!

Video codec
Wide angle

You will remain speechless!

The Cambox Isi3 is equipped with 2 HD mics placed on each side to restore a realistic sound atmosphere in stereo!

Noise ReductionStereo Surround SoundAAC2 - 2 HD Microphones

So many assets that make a difference!

In all intelligence, The Cambox Isi3
thought by riders, for riders!

Embedded vibrating motor
Integrated LED lights
35 ° orientable lens
show angle possibility

The freedom of wireless!

Who never dreamed of visualizing his exploits getting off of his horse ? With its integrated WIFI technology, you can interact at any time with your Cambox Isi3, control your viewing angle, change your settings, instantly watch your photos and photos and transfer them to your smartphone or tablet.

A duo of shock!

Armed with your simple smartphone, Cambox Horse application will allow you to control your Cambox at your fingertips, to bring you an unprecedented experience!

Discover the features of the app! navigate_next

Real-time preview mode to choose the angle of view Battery level indicator in real time Managing the sound volume of your camera video_librarySingle or burst photo mode, 8 to 12 MP resolution Viewing photos & videos in a library Wireless transfer of files to your devices

A palette of effects!

The Cambox Isi3 wants to be smart and quick to take in hand, no need to waste time in the trimmings, the essential is not there!

Choose from our 5 ambience presets (auto, cloudy, sunny, LED lighting, fluorescent lighting)
Choose from a simple drag the right setting to get the desired brightness
Choose your features!

Packaging content navigate_next

1 USB microSD card reader
1 Microfiber Cloth
1 Tissue pouch
1 User manual
1 USB 2.0 cord
1 App on Apple Store / Play Store
1 Velcro® fastener
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